Welcome to Lalique Originals

By way of introduction, let me tell you a little about how it came to be: or you can go straight on to see what’s currently for sale.  If Lalique is a recent discovery, you may want to browse through the ‘history’ page.

I don’t recall when I fell in love with Lalique creations, but I have enjoyed beautiful and interesting design as long as I can remember. About six years ago I decided to start a modest collection. I’m not a collector by nature - I just wanted the pleasure of looking at the art of Lalique.  My initial favourites were car mascots, book ends and perfume bottles so for practical and financial reasons I settled on perfume bottles. I browsed antique and junk shops, searched the net and went to Christie’s twice a year to their exclusive Lalique auction. The more I saw and learned, the more I enjoyed the subject and the collection grew with my interest. 

I had intended to stop around 30 or 40, then 50, but continued. My collection broadened to include dressing table accessories and in my search I sometimes spotted Lalique tableware or a piece of jewellery that I couldn’t resist.  I even found a couple of items in a charity shop just a short walk from my home.  Something had to be done for the sake of funds and space so from time to time I would sell a couple of pieces through an auction house or on Ebay which enabled me to limit my numbers and graduate to more exclusive pieces.

The solution became such an enjoyable pastime, it made sense to take a step up and launch my own web site. My focus is on offering a wide variety of Lalique that’s inspiring, interesting and affordable.  In terms of period, art nouveau and art deco loom large - because I love them - but great designs of the ‘40s and onwards, to almost the present day, are also available.

 I hope you like the site and welcome your questions and comments.